Client reviews
and feedback on QET.


“Thank you so much again for holding that amazing session for me. I can really feel that some kind of amazing, huge shift has happened. I feel very calm, centred and connected. Full of energy, positive about what life will bring. I’ve never had this feeling before. It almost feels like I’m another person, same but different. Wow, even when I am writing all this I am getting goosebumps… Very, very grateful for this modality and for your facilitation!!! It is truly amazing! ”




The process helped me release an old pattern of anxiety that I had suffered for 20 years.

Rebecca has a potent healing capacity that facilitates the dissolving of self-limiting beliefs and sub-conscious patterns. My QET healing session allowed me to communicate directly with my inner being which helped me release an old pattern of anxiety that I had suffered for 20 years.

At one point my entire body became energy, I felt like a wave becoming the ocean. Afterwards I felt like a weight was lifted from my soul, I will never forget this session or its effect.

I have worked with many healers, shamans and teachers across the world and I’ve found Rebecca’s work to go very deep and still maintain the feeling of being completely grounded in the practicalities of day to day life.

She offers a complete healing experience for which I would highly recommend. Thank You Rebecca.



From the moment I heard Rebecca's voice, my soul opened up. I found permission to heal & start over.

Rebecca’s gift opens up a world of opportunity for healing, self-compassion and growth. I didn’t realise how much hurt and pain I was holding in my body, how much I’d imprisoned deep-seeded feelings of anger, resentment and fear of abandonment.

From the moment I heard Rebecca’s voice I felt my protective walls crumble and the tears flow. I felt freedom. In the space I lay, I found permission to cry, and in that permission to be simply human. To start over.

With each cry I felt the pain lift from my body. I met myself in that spot and was given the opportunity to heal. Tension freed from places I never knew it was held. Your space nurtured me, offered me an opportunity to be entirely vulnerable, knowing I was entirely safe. I felt re-born into a new world of pure love. My soul opened up: raw and bare. As I type this I feel limited by words as they can never capture the moments and emotions I met. I am filled with boundless gratitude.


Rebecca speaking through the emotions helped me to release mine.

Wow Rebecca! That was so powerful and incredible! So amazing to feel my heart and soul again. You speaking through the emotions helped release mine. It felt so deep and enlivening. I can’t thank you enough!


Rebecca celebrates & honours every detail of the individual & collective.

Rebecca is an AMAZING facilitator who is incredibly respectful of everyone’s process, holding great esteem for the diverse cultures and groups that surround her. I’m blessed to have spent a week’s intensive with her to deepen my understanding of my psychological make-up, as I explored the different parts of my mind and how I experience my world.

There was something magical that was unlocked that week. Rebecca holds space powerfully, celebrating and honours every minute detail of the individual and collective. She is always intuitively grounding the process to provide a safe space to recharge, with a nurturing gentleness and desire to see each person thrive. It was a humbling and truly awakening experience with her.


Rebecca creates a safe container to reconnect with yourself, develop a better understanding of your spirit, & resolve internal conflicts.

Rebecca’s ability to hold space was exceptionally impactful for me, at a massive turning point in my life. Her openness, knowledge, wisdom, patience, intuition, and kindness created a safe container for me to reconnect with my body and emotions, develop a better understanding of my spirit, and internally resolve conflicts. I have observed Rebecca’s ability to facilitate meaningful self-acceptance and transformation in myself and many others with great admiration.

I’m now working on studying osteopathy, which is a conclusion I came to through my journey with Rebecca. So as you can imagine, I think about our time together with gratitude often.


Rebecca is a true master. Her process mirrors the Hihgest Consciousness. I find her to be a precious gift of the Divine.

Let me speak about my experiences working with Rebecca.

Rebecca is a true Master. Her process mirrors the highest consciousness, giving people insights into themselves that can be hidden, or they are unwilling to see.

I experience this as deeply healing.

Rebecca can travel in all dimensions across all time and space, to find the answers to what keeps us from experiencing our fullest service to our divine soul’s purpose. I find her to be a precious gift of the divine.


Rebecca's ability to gather wisdom & share healing with others is an honour to behold.

Rebecca is a remarkable woman who can align herself with, and be a direct channel for, truth. She is an inspiration and warrior of light during these times of great change. Her ability to gather wisdom from her heart and share this healing with others is an honour to behold.

Rebecca is a constant way-shower to many in her dedication to, and pursuit of, true knowledge. Her compassion and love for life brings many souls together and her work ignites a flame of remembrance that we are all indeed connected.


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