How does Resonance Meditation differ from mindfulness meditation or other types of meditation?

Mindfulness, as awareness or Sati, comprises an integral part of the Buddhist philosophy of Being. The foundations of sati are often taught in the context of meditations that require deliberate awareness and attention. In the West, practitioners have taken some of the philosophies and practices of sati to develop Mindfulness Meditation. We often understand Mindfulness Meditation as a still, silent practice of focusing one’s attention on the present moment, while concentrating on bodily postures and the breath.

Whether true at its core or not, many people I’ve come across over the years in my sessions view Mindfulness Meditation as a kind of challenge, in that one must exert some kind of effort to avoid exerting any effort, to still the mind and the body.

Resonance Meditation is about relationship – a co-creative experience, with the philosophy that nothing exists in isolation from anything else. Everything is in connection. Creation cannot happen without the destruction of the nothing that preceded it, for example. Thus, Resonance Meditation requires neither silence, stillness nor emptying of the mind or letting go of thoughts, and while it may bring about heightened awareness and profound insights, it does not call for any effort by the practitioner or parties involved to achieve any ‘non-doing’, or ‘non-thinking’ – it’s about trusting our senses, being one with the experience and whole -heartedly letting it take us on a journey of healing and discovery.

As Resonance Meditation is a co-creative experience it may appear ‘guided’, however the question is, who is guiding whom? During a Meditation experience, the facilitator facilitates the practice of everyone else in the room. Everyone is a practitioner and everyone contributes to the experience. Again, it works on the principle of resonance. Everyone comes into sync, for the period of the meditation, resonating and harmonising with each other’s inner song, to create beautiful music together which is experienced synaesthetically, through the senses as light, images, sound, touch, memories, or even as new realisations, shifts in perception and expanded awareness.

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