Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

At Rebecca Sarr we recognise the importance of protecting your privacy. Our policy for dealing with personal information you might disclose to us while visiting this web site is explained below.

The types of personal information that is collected from you will depend on how you use our Web site. Any information we receive about you will be treated as strictly confidential.

What we collect and how we use it:

If you visit this site to read or download information, our web server will record your server address, domain name, date and time of your visit to our site, pages viewed and the information downloaded. This information is used solely for statistical and web site development purposes.

Should you decide to submit information to us using any of our online forms (for example, our subscription page) we may request that you detail the following personal information:

E-mail address
Telephone number/s

Information specific to your request (eg. areas of interest, your comments, resumes etc.)

The information will be used to deal with your request. Some examples of how we will deal with your information follow:

If you submit a request to subscribe, we will add your details to the particular subscription list.

If you submit feedback, we will forward your submission to our web development team, or the appropriate division/department/office pertaining to your submission.

The information may also potentially be used to inform you of any forthcoming Rebecca Sarr events or information sessions that might be of interest to you.

Disclosing information about you

It is our policy not to sell or pass on any personal information that you may have provided to us unless we have your express consent to do so. An exception to this is where Rebecca Sarr may be required by law to disclose certain information.

E-Mail correspondence

We will preserve the contents of any e-mail message that you send us if we believe that we have a requirement to do so. E-mails sent to or from Rebecca Sarr may be monitored for systems administration and legal compliance purposes.

Gaining access to our information on you

We will, on request, provide you with access to any information that we have collected about you through our web site. To gain access to this information you should contact us at

What to do if you believe the information we hold about you is inaccurate?

If you believe that any information that we hold about you is inaccurate or out of date, please contact us and we will review and correct the relevant information.

How to contact us

If you wish to discuss any aspect of our policy please contact us at


In the preparation of this site we have attempted to offer the most current, correct and clearly expressed information possible. However, inadvertent errors can occur and applicable laws, rules and regulations can change.

The information contained in this site is general and not intended to serve as advice. No warranty is given in relation to the accuracy or reliability of any information. Users should not act or fail to act on the basis of information contained herein. Users are encouraged to consult with Rebecca Sarr professional advisers for advice concerning specific matters before making any decision.

Rebecca Sarr disclaims all and any liability to any person in respect of anything or in consequence of anything done or omitted to be done by any person or user in reliance, whether whole or partial, upon any information contained herein.

Copyright © 2022 Rebecca Sarr

No part of the text or graphics on this site may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including by photocopying, facsimile transmission, recording, re-keying or using any information, storage and retrieval system, without the prior permission in writing from Rebecca Sarr. Request for permission or further information should be addressed to

Rebecca Sarr makes no representation as to the accuracy, currency or any other aspect of the information contained on third party servers or the timely, accurate or complete transmittal of such information.

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