Is the Realm Resonance related to yoga, or any other spiritual tradition?

The beauty of the Realm of Resonance is that, while the practice and theory of this work mirrors many of the deeper philosophies of ancient spiritual traditions, such as yoga, it does not draw from these, per se. There are no gurus to follow and no rules to obey. The Realm of Resonance belongs to every being, arising as a state of consciousness that facilitates one’s own journey of learning, understanding and expanded awareness.

My Realm of Resonance work involves a set of principles and practices that I have refined through my work in a diversity of traditional and modern fields, which span the globe. These principles are underpinned by my PhD research work in Consciousness Studies and has evolved through my close collaborative work with the founder of the innerdance process (also Inner Dance), Pi Villaraza, over the last seven years (since 2015). My Realm of Resonance work shares some philosophies and  theories with innerdance, especially those which have arisen through my ongoing shared exploration of consciousness with Pi.

I view the philosophy of Resonance as underpinning most spiritual practices, from the ancient traditions to New Age Spirituality. For me, it actually provides a foundation for my life in every sense, from the everyday to the mystical. Resonance is our basis for empathy, which is part of our humanity, in relationship with all else. It is through relationship that we learn and grow. It is through relationship that we live. And when we can behold the harmony that exists between that which we define as ourself and that which we define as other, we come to truly understand how All is One / everything is connected. A perfect symphony.

Work in the Realm of Resonance takes this underpinning a few steps further, to expand our conscious awareness of the everyday. If we can feel empathy for another (be it a person, an animal or some other sentient or non-sentient being), then we can practice  Resonance. We can deepen this to become aware of anything and everything we wish to, in relationship with the whole.

How does Resonance Meditation differ from mindfulness meditation or other types of meditation?

Mindfulness, as awareness or Sati, comprises an integral part of the Buddhist philosophy of Being. The foundations of sati are often taught in the context of meditations that require deliberate awareness and attention. In the West, practitioners have taken some of the philosophies and practices of sati to develop Mindfulness Meditation. We often understand Mindfulness Meditation as a still, silent practice of focusing one’s attention on the present moment, while concentrating on bodily postures and the breath.

Whether true at its core or not, many people I’ve come across over the years in my sessions view Mindfulness Meditation as a kind of challenge, in that one must exert some kind of effort to avoid exerting any effort, to still the mind and the body.

Resonance Meditation is about relationship – a co-creative experience, with the philosophy that nothing exists in isolation from anything else. Everything is in connection. Creation cannot happen without the destruction of the nothing that preceded it, for example. Thus, Resonance Meditation requires neither silence, stillness nor emptying of the mind or letting go of thoughts, and while it may bring about heightened awareness and profound insights, it does not call for any effort by the practitioner or parties involved to achieve any ‘non-doing’, or ‘non-thinking’ – it’s about trusting our senses, being one with the experience and whole -heartedly letting it take us on a journey of healing and discovery.

As Resonance Meditation is a co-creative experience it may appear ‘guided’, however the question is, who is guiding whom? During a Meditation experience, the facilitator facilitates the practice of everyone else in the room. Everyone is a practitioner and everyone contributes to the experience. Again, it works on the principle of resonance. Everyone comes into sync, for the period of the meditation, resonating and harmonising with each other’s inner song, to create beautiful music together which is experienced synaesthetically, through the senses as light, images, sound, touch, memories, or even as new realisations, shifts in perception and expanded awareness.

Does Resonance Work involve a form of energy healing?

I often get asked if my Realm of Resonance work is the same as Reiki, Sound Healing, Breathwork, Pranic Healing, Theta Healing or Energy Medicine.

Resonance Healing could be classed as a kind of sound healing, though those who have experienced it usually report that sound healing has more of a subtle and relaxing effect, where as Resonance Healings and Meditations offer a more intensive and profound experience. It has also been described as similar to breathwork, though unlike breathwork, it requires no bodily effort to achieve expanded states of consciousness.

I would describe the main difference between my Realm of Resonance work and other modalities as this: In other modalities there is a deliberate transfer of energy from a healer (or a divine source that is channeled through the healer), to their client.

Alternatively, according to the philosophy of Resonance, ‘Source’ energy is not separate from either party. It is everywhere, animating all.

The Realm of Resonance practitioner works through the senses with sound and energy, movement and touch, language and symbology, and more, to resonate with the energies of the participant’s cognitive field. A mirroring takes place, an echo, which amplifies the ‘music’ that is asking to be heard. This amplification is a ‘waking up’ of the client’s own resonant frequencies, which animates energy within the client’s own space leading to a deep sensory experience rather than just a passive receiving of energy.

A Realm of Resonance session is experienced through the senses, of which there are many more than five. It could be experienced as visions, sounds, music and words, feel touch and presence, experience movement or stillness, and other bodily sensations such as temperature changes, trembling, energetic release, strong emotions, deep memories, profound insights, and realisations.

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