About QET: Quantum Empathy Technique

About Quantum Empathy Technique



Latin: 'an amount' or 'how much?'

the smallest amount of energy that can be measured.


/ ˈmedɪsn / noun

Ancient Greek: 'passion' or 'state of emotion'

understanding and sharing the feelings of another.

Everything has a Frequency. Through Empathy, we can feel it.

Quantum Empathy lives between the realms of science and emotion. Quantum Theory relates to the vibration of energetic wave particles. Empathy expresses when something moves us, touches our heart or connects with our being in expansive ways.

The principles of QET: Quantum Empathy Technique converge at the intersection of these two meanings.

It’s at the heart of this intersection where QET will take you.

Just as the molecules of glass enliven at a particular ‘resonant frequency’ when reverberated by sound waves, so too does all else.

Our material, energetic and conscious bodies all vibrate at natural frequencies, which can be amplified through empathy, or resonance.

Our journeys are melodies played in harmony with the tunes of other lives, the collective consciousness and universal archetypes. Our emotions, impressions, memories and other cognitive elements are the notes that compose our own song, as part of the divine symphony of existence.

QET guides clients into expanded states of awareness. When our conscious field is enlivened by a resonance of natural frequencies, everything becomes a divine reflection of our true beauty.

I will take you on a journey to discover a different aspect of your awareness and bring you into greater resonance with your true essence.

My own song called me here.

I spent many of my formative years struggling to understand myself according to the responses of others, which led me into experiences of confusion, self-censure and dissonance. I learned to suppress my intuitive awareness to fit in and be accepted. I quietened my spirit and followed an expected path, excelling academically and training as a lawyer.

Yet there was something inside of me that could not be silenced. And perhaps there’s a part of you that shouldn’t be silenced either.

I have always been driven to make the world a kinder and more loving place. I found passion in helping others and, as a lawyer, became an advocate of human rights and social justice.

Unexpectedly, it was through my legal work, that I became aware of my capacity for empathy, a deep listening that could support healing and wholeness.

Finally, I left the legal world to follow my own song. I found true life purpose, began to express my genius and live with clarity.

This is how I know that I can support you to hear, recognise and own yours. I will shine light on your genius and help you to share your song with the world.

How my work guiding others came to be…

How can embodied spiritual practices heighten awareness?

This was the question I asked myself as I began my PhD in the Anthropology of Consciousness. While previously studying law, my global travels led me to the Afro-Brazilian martial art of capoeira, and this became the subject of my doctorate thesis. Drawn by the wisdoms held within this neo-traditional art form, I continued to immerse myself in African-centred embodied arts. I learned about the complex intelligences embedded in movement, music and rhythm, and experienced how such wisdoms can integrate into our human physical and energetic spheres.

Using awareness to influence cognitive capacity

In 2013, I experienced the mystical phenomena known in yogic circles as a ‘spontaneous kundalini awakening’. It was a transcendent event that saw my whole being dissolve into pure light. Emotionally, it was the culmination of all the empathy I’d ever known. I’d always felt the world intimately and deeply, yet, since childhood, had thought my heightened sensitivities were an affliction, rather than a gift. Conceptually, I knew my experience was intertwined with the embodied arts I was studying, but I was yet to understand how.

This journey of discovery culminated three years later, when I encountered a healing and awakening process known as ‘innerdance’. Founded by Filippino-born Pi Villaraza, the innerdance process works with sound, particularly musical waves, touch and energy work to induce altered states of awareness.

Through innerdance, I came to realise that the way I conceived of reality was exceptional, rather than problematic, as l’d previously believed. And I also understood that this awareness is a human cognitive capacity that is accessible to everyone.

Imagine if more of us were doing exactly that.

Finding myself through helping others do the same

Over the next four years, I founded innerdance Australia and held space for large crowds at major festivals locally and around the world.

Pi and I continued to work in close collaboration to expand the complex philosophical theories of innerdance, and these grew in tandem with my PhD research.

By 2019, my own facilitation work had evolved to a point of such distinctiveness that I felt called to redefine it. Over the next three years, I theorised the philosophical principles of Quantum Empathy, which I now bring forward through QET.

My purpose is to be a guide to my clients on their journey to being the most powerful version of themselves.



Bespoke just for you, to support your healing & integration.

Delivered via zoom & sound recordings over 1, 7 or 21 days. Amplify your inner song & shine bright.


Experience my work as part of a group, in-person or online.

Meditation Circles, QET Journeys, Immersions & Retreats, held around the world.


Ceremonies, events, speaking engagement or other programs.

Contact me to explore how we may develop an experience for you, your people or your event.

Visionary Guidance

Customised advisory services for leaders and teams.

For one-off guidance or ongoing support to achieve your higher vision and manifest your dreams.


“Thank you so much again for holding that amazing session for me. I can really feel that some kind of amazing, huge shift has happened. I feel very calm, centred and connected. Full of energy, positive about what life will bring.

I’ve never had this feeling before. It almost feels like I’m another person, same but different. Wow, even when I am writing all this I am getting goosebumps… Very, very grateful for this modality and for your facilitation!!! It is truly amazing! ”


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